Published: 2021-05-18
Category: Costume rent, Offers, Featured

Material: velvet

Suit set: top, skirt

Suit size: 128

Rent: 20 euros (24 hours)

Rental deposit: 40 euros (refundable when returning the suit)

Produced by: EU Latvia

The Gypsies, or Romani people are one of the most numerous ethnic minorities in Europe, a stratum of the ethnic population of common Indian origin. Ethnologists Elena Marushiakova and V. Popov (Bulgaria) define them as MEGEO - intergroup ethnic formation. This designation characterizes the features of the mosaic settlement of Roma groups among the population of different countries and the related features of the formation of their modern identities. The story of the Romani is the story of a Roma-speaking ethnic group of common Indian origin, whose members identify with the Roma diaspora.