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wE ARE "Velkome"

Tailors and designers

In our team we have the best craftsmen of Riga who will help You to realize Your idea.

If You have no ideas but really want an unusual solution for Yourself or Your loved ones, our designer, stylist, designer, tailor will help You with this.

We will help You to find accessories for Your clothes, decorate the product according to Your wishes with professional technique and handmade.

Did you suddenly decide that you need to look beautiful and elegant?Or do you see some unusual solutions?You do not have a standard figure, and you want to remove unnecessary kilograms using visualization?Or in turn, add lacking kg in some parts of the body?You want to choose your own color scheme and cannot figure out your wardrobe?You are planning an event, and you are lost in choosing a dress for yourself and your loved one?Or do you already have an outfit, but your relatives don’t?Are you looking for shoes for your outfit?Your favorite dress is worn out, but you don’t want to throw it out?Do you have any pets who also need an outfit?Or maybe you started home repair or bought a beautiful house of your dreams and you need a beautiful view in the form of curtains, bedspreads, pillows, bedding, etc.?Are you looking for a very unusual gift for your loved ones?You are searching where to rent a carnival costume for your child or even for yourself?

Welcome to "Velkome"!

Our team can solve your questions, even the most unusual ones!

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