Let's talk about colors!

Published: 2019-10-31
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Today, Velkome would like to tell you more about choices of colors.

What color of clothing do you choose? What color choices can you choose for different things?

We will be happy to give you a little explanation so you can decide what color exactly to take for your suit or dress.

Black color

Black is considered to be the missing color, and has been associated with fear, mystery, authority, formalism, sophistication, and evil.

White color

Symbolizes purity, infinity, innocence, virtue, joy. It is associated with daylight as well as the vitality power of milk and eggs.

Blue color

It gives peace and is therefore considered good for the soul and body. This color is associated with peace, stability and depth and symbolizes confidence, loyalty, wisdom, faith and truth.


Light blue

A carefree color that soothes radiates reliability, but at the same time, it is impossible to concentrate. It does not promote the development of imagination. Reduces stress and is comfortable. It is the color of "calm emotionality"; gives the opportunity to stay outside the society, expands the space. But it slows down growth and development. It is the color of dreams, peace and harmony.

Dark blue

(Indigo) is the color of dreams. It is very profound, leads to depression, produces depressant effects, anxiety, excessive heaviness, sadness. It causes a need for physiological rest and satisfaction in the world. The rejection of this color occurs when you do not want to relax and rest.

Pink color

Soft and delicate color. Related to sweetness, emotions and tenderness. It is also associated with infants and sugar wool. Pink talks about love for herself and others.

Color of orchids

(light purple) on the positive side - emphasis on bright personality, on the negative - excessive exotica, insensitivity, the motto is "all or nothing".

Red - purple

Such a person does not acknowledge slavery; everything he needs is taken delicately and carefully; suffer from the syndrome of "before was better than now", it means, living mostly in the past. This color enhances well-being. On the negative side, depersonalization and lack of individuality.

Red color

Very saturated and emotional color of blood and fire. It was associated with war and danger, as well as love and passion. In the Luscher color test - red color is the desire to live a full life, the desire for new experience, high work ability; no willingness to relax at this point. Rejection of the red is interpreted as excessive agitation, mental and physical exhaustion. For teens, at the beginning of the sexual development peak.

Purple color

Strongly stimulates sensuality, works stronger than red. The problems caused by this color tend to be irreversible decisions and fanaticism (people want to conquer only the highest peaks).

Raspberry color

It has a light bluish hint - this color does not fight life, but loves it, does not believe in the effectiveness of the fight, but goes and takes what it wants. As a rule, it's about the personality, not the masses. Such people are extremely sincere and believe in the power of words. The problems with this color are impulsivity and unpredictability.

Color of fire

It has a yellowish-orange hint - it is characterized by extreme zeal, aspiration, regardless of purpose (yellow). There is a difference between willpower and fervor. The problem with this color - she is too zealous in her zeal - leaves behind the burnt ground, and burns herself.

Red - brown

It is characterized by calm self-confidence, an enthusiasm that is not intended to create an outside impression (brown obscures the demonstration). If this color was favored for a very long time, the fatigue and exhaustion found were delivered. The main problem and lack of commitment.

Dark Bordeaux

(almost brown) from red it took willpower, but from brown to deep reflection. Its problem is to think about unpleasant events.

Dark red

People who prefer such colors are in dire need of asking themselves, "why is it necessary?"; they are characterized by the proverb, "God gives nuts only to toothless monkeys." These people are enticed, especially in sexual relationships (compassion). At the same time, compassion may change to cruelty. The problem is inertia.


Blue and red combined with one for stability and another for energy. Because this color symbolizes wealth, extravagance, wisdom, respect, peace, pride rather than addiction and magic.

Green color

The color of nature. It symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness and fertility. As well as security and wealth. The darker the green, the more reserved one is. The green color is preferred by people who, through their rigidity and stability, strive to get in the way of being confident. They strove for self-confidence. Green is rejected by physiological exhaustion.


The bluer there is, the stronger, cooler and more intense will be color. The yellowish - the lighter and more harmonious the color.

Blue - green

(turquoise) - The coldest of all the shades used to create a refreshing cool look, sterility.

Dark blue-green

Should be rejected at the expiration of nerves; personifies cruelty and gravity, creates a sense of isolation. This color is preferred by those who put too much pressure on themselves, appoint their views on the principle and try to enforce it with uncompromising graduality.

Yellow - green

It releases the latent energy that is hidden in green. People who prefer this color sought to make as many contacts as possible, constantly wanting to meet other people, learn new things. Beside white, this shade gives a strong and businesslike impression. It is usually attempted to dilute it with the gray color to remove the sting.

Brown - green

(green + black + yellow + red) - expresses sensual passivity. Such people would like to enjoy a state of positive feelings and relaxation; seeking excitement through pleasure.

Brown color

Wood color, soil, security, home, reliability and honesty.


Yellow - brown

The color of hard work and toughness.

Cream color

It has a gentle effect, expands the space, facilitates the perception of reality, gives confidence that everything will be fine.

Grey color

This color was associated with loss and depression. It is considered not emotional but at the same time formal, conservative and sophisticated.

Light grey

It works very easily, expresses freedom and elevated psycho-energetic state, readiness for contact, calms both body and mind well (tends to white). The movement style of this color is anxiety (ghost color).

Dark grey

It acts calmly and severely, inhibiting and suppressing agitation. People who prefer a dark gray color are characterized by hypersensitivity and a need for mental and physical satisfaction. This color expresses the constant struggle of the mind with causeless excitement (it has no internal energy - it is characterized by expressions such as 'wings cut off', 'killed, broken but still alive'). Such people suffer from their sensitivities and reject sensual heart connections because they cannot withstand the influx of energy.

Black, white and gray are achromatic. The general rule for all colors is that when using 3 colors, one of the achromatic colors must be used.

Yellow color

It is a symbol of hope and happiness, it brings joy and enthusiasm, but it is also a symbol of sickness and jealousy.


Red - yellow

In this mix, the yellow effect becomes more important. Expresses spontaneity and impulsiveness, destruction. Yellow underlines the power of red.

Lemonish - yellow

Cruelty and Anxiety; has antimicrobial activity. People who prefer this color have non-standard thinking, criticality, always control themselves, avoid criticism and compromising situations.

Bright yellow

The tendency to avoid responsibility, the desire to simulate.

Pale yellow

Willingness to be outside the frames.

Brownish - yellow

(honey color): combines the lightness of yellow and the severity of brown. Desire to enjoy the situation happily and fully.

Gold color

This is the color of fame, inevitable victories. It does not sacrifice itself and does not accept victims - it does not need anything. The positive aspect is maturity, experience, wisdom, vitality, inexhaustible resources; the downside is pessimism, finite dishonesty. The golden nymph above your head is a symbol of forgiveness and a way to overcome all obstacles. Gold combines the humility of a child with the wisdom of a true ruler. But! - It can provoke conflict.

Orange color

A mixture of energy and joy. Orange is associated with enthusiasm, warmth and fun.

Colors matter - we at Velkome sewing services will help you choose the right one.