How to choose curtains property?

Publicēts: 2019-10-06
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You purchased an apartment or made a repair. You have a question how to hang curtains? What kind of curtain rail to buy? Where to buy everything? How to calculate fabric? What type of lace to buy? I would like to help you a bit!

And so:

1) You made a choice about which curtains you would like(model).

2) Then we will hang the cornices. Cornices are fastened to the ceiling, with hooks on the rings. These days there is a lot of choice. So we decided and bought that kind that suits your needs!

3) Next we need to measure, how much fabric do we need to buy? As a next step we will measure the cornice. If measured by the window sill, the curtain might be too short. So the cornice we choose is about 3 meters.

4) We will decide what type of ribbon we need. It can be either narrow or wide and their collection functions vary.

The ribbon is used for decoration of curtains and lambrequins. The ribbons of various styles and sets are used for decoration purposes; the ribbon can be fitted with cords. The following types of ribbon are distinguished: common knots, radial, cylindrical, bow, triple folds and their varieties.

It is recommended to adjust the depth of the ribbon with the length of the curtains. The deep ribbon is perfect for long curtains. They will have cylindrical and triple folds. For short curtains, a good solution is the use of curled folds.

Typical assembly is appropriate for different types of materials. This will help create a simple and attractive curtain look.

Ribbon folds give the fabric a sleek and elegant look. Depending on your choice and the length of the curtains, the depth of the radial pleats can vary. On long curtains, deep folds will look particularly beautiful. Lace fabrics can use radial folds. Radial folds are frill type. They are ideal for simple fabrics.

Cylindrical folds are best suited for lined curtains and heavy fabrics. Cylindrical folds must be symmetrical.

The bow folds are perfect for simple fabrics. They will give the fabric firmness and expressiveness. They can be used not only to decorate curtains, but also to create frills on chairs, tablecloths and other interior items.

The triple folds provide a beautiful and stylish cover. They may have different depth of folds. This type of fold is most often used for medium-weight materials.

An interesting type of folds is the "waffle" and "buff" finish. "Buff" looks best on curtains made of tulle and translucent fabrics. The "Waffle" trim will give the curtains a stylish, neat look.

And so, usually not transparent tape goes to night curtains, transparent to tulle, lambrequins, French.

The tape measures 1:2,1:2.5,1:3

What does it mean? That means, if our curtain is 3 meters, then we have to take the ribbon 6 meters, if 1:2.6 meters, if the ribbon 1:3,9meters, if the ribbon 1:2.5,7.5metrus

5) We buy as much fabric as meters of tape. The fabric usually has a standard width of 3 meters. We buy the length of fabric as needed!

6) For the fabric to fall nicely and beautifully, it is imperative to place extra weight on the underside. If there is no one, such as chiffon, then the weight is placed by the tailor, and must be the same length as the curtain.

Night curtains are heavier due to the fact that they are sewn 15-20 centimeters from the bottom. Therefore, the fabric itself becomes heavier.

7) Ways to sew ribbon.

Usually the ribbon is sewn in 2 rows, but if the ribbon is wide, then 3 rows, while the bow is 5 rows. The bow will look very nicely, but here is how the budget allows, because such a curtain is appropriately more expensive.

If you have curtain rods with hooks, we need to close the hatches, so it can look beautiful! So we make a "skirt" and leave space on the ribbon from above for the crocodiles.

8) Before you start sewing the curtain, you need to flatten the edges. The flattening is not so easy, you have to pull the floss and flatten the edges along this path, otherwise your curtain will meet obliquely from sides, top and bottom. I will tell you right away which fabric is easy to pull out the gusset you need to get up to, and it is not possible at all for printed fabrics.

9) And so we start sewing. First we sew the edges; measuring the length to the front + cm (it depends on the width of your ribbon. If the braid is 3 cm then + 2.5 cm below the ribbon) and so, if our curtain is 2.5 m long, it means we will measure 2.5 m + 2.5 cm. Then we sew a ribbon. After we collect it and hang our curtain.

10) Lambrequins, French and others are not that simple, they are cut by model and calculations, where the price does not count per line meter. They can be sewn with a ribbon and can be tilted; night curtains can be embellished with ribbon. Roman curtains require extra weights, and for French also.

P.S. I hope, that my help was useful . If the order is large (whole apartment or whole house), we can always negotiate and change the price accordingly. We can go with you to choose the fabric, for that you need wallpaper pieces, colors, pieces of furniture (if ordered). The more details you will have, the more precisely and better you will be able to match the curtains to the interior.