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Publicēts: 2021-05-18
Kostīmu noma, Piedāvājumi, Veltītie


Vilnas šalles

Мужской или женский шарфик.

Publicēts: 2019-11-28


Let's talk about colors!

Today, Velkome would like to tell you more about choices of colors. What color of clothing do you choose? What color choices can you choose for different things? We will be happy to give you a little explanation so you can decide what color exactly to take for your suit or dress.

Publicēts: 2019-10-31


How to choose curtains property?

You purchased an apartment or made a repair. You have a question how to hang curtains? What kind of curtain rail to buy? Where to buy everything? How to calculate fabric? What type of lace to buy? I would like to help you a bit!

Publicēts: 2019-10-06



Promotion for tailoring our collection.

Publicēts: 2019-10-03
Piedāvājumi, Veltītie


What is better - repair or buy a new one?

If the item is expensive or very dear, then, of course, it is better to bring it to repair.For example, a leather jacket, which is expensive to buy, but the lining was torn.

Publicēts: 2019-10-02

image-2019-08-01 15_53_59.jpg

Collection "Flaxseed"

Year 2015- the collection "Flaxseed" was created, where works from flax were presented.

Publicēts: 2019-10-01
Dalība, Veltītie


The image of Princess Velentine

Year 2016- The image of Princess Velentine was created. Presented in the nomination of the modernity and the 18th century. The work was done by Valentina Chachik (orginally Valentina Milevich), carrier of the Kostesh clan.

Publicēts: 2019-10-01
Dalība, Veltītie


History of Apron

The apron is a very widespread and almost unchanged garment originating in Ancient Egypt. It is strange that initially the apron was worn only by men who were in public service during the early days of ancient Egypt

Publicēts: 2019-10-01
Dalība, Veltītie