What is better - repair or buy a new one?

Publicēts: 2019-10-02
Kategorija: Veltītie

If the item is expensive or very dear, then, of course, it is better to bring it to repair.For example, a leather jacket, which is expensive to buy, but the lining was torn. Of course, it is cheaper to put on a new one linig, and the product will be like new! No, the word New is not in quotes, because the leather is renewed, it is glued on, if it accidentally gets torn. It is almost invisibly glued, also a new, good lining is applied and here it is a New Jacket, a cape, etc.

The other thing, of course, is pants. If they were bought in Second - Hand for the euro, there is no sense to repair them , but if jeans are good and expensive, it is of course cheaper to repair them.

Dress is also a relative issue. Textile can now be bought, but if the dress is lovely, why not overdo it (if you have lost weight) and not expand it (if your body has changed shape) and it is not just textile. Evening outfit is like that, it's bought by customizing it for yourself (which is very good) and also it pays well...

I will say from my own experience, repairing jackets, coats, raincoats, etc., are better. Of course, then it is better to make repairs because things are expensive. The rest ... at your discretion.

You can even leave jeans unsiew, it's cheaper :) I see something like that at every turn. But if you want your piece of clouthing to serve you for a long time, take care of it.

I added a photo of a leather jacket after the restoration (male).Picture before, sorry, it was a shame to show. I can only say that the client was very happy with the result!



Or the original version was supposed to have simple holes in the jeans, and with proper manufacturing technology, they shouldn't break, but they torn. Previously




I want to note that these things are on the table, and when a person wears them , the closure is almost imperceptible, so (I'll talk about myself) my clients are happy!

I suggest you think, do you need a repair?